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7 Healthy Hair Tips You Need To Know


We all know that too much heat is bad for your hair, but if you're like me and don't have time to find a whole new system, or let hair air dry and then put some rollers in it overnight, or sit under the hair dryer for hours… My hair looks better when I use a flatiron. I like to wear my hair curly, but I use a flat iron to curl it. What I do for healthier hair is I limit the heat. What you can do is instead of using it on its highest setting, you can find a lower heat setting or use it less frequently. I only put heat in my hair once a week. I use a bow dryer and a flat iron once a week. After that, no more heat and my hair has done really well with that. You just need to find the method that works best for you. If I did something else with my hair it would

take so much longer… So, limit the amount of heat and see how that goes.


If you’re gonna use heat, treat the heat. That's one of the best tips I've heard. I've always been very diligent about using a heat protector. Even though you’re using a heat protector there still may be some damage to your hair. If you treat your hair afterwards, you're going to lessen that damage. As soon as I finish using any heat on my hair, I always apply my favorite moisturizer to treat the heat.


There are tons of hair supplements out there. If you don't have time to research and read reviews and figure out what's the best supplement, just take a good multivitamin. A lot of those supplements that are specifically made for hair won't work good if you don't have another supplement with it. So, if you're taking a good multivitamin you're getting the nutrients you need for healthier hair.


This is a very easy one. When you sleep at night your hair rubs against the pillow and your face and it can break and get damaged. Make sure you protect your hair while you sleep. Yes ,I am the creator of The LittleBlack Scarf, which is the best and easiest scarf to use. It stays on your head all night. If you don’t use a LittleBlack Scarf, just make sure you're using some type of scarf or something to protect your hair while you sleep because that's very important. The key to longer shinier healthier hair is to protect your hair.


Moisture is so important for healthy hair and it's such an easy thing to do, but we tend to get lazy sometimes. Remember to daily, or every other day, apply a good moisturizer to your hair. Make sure it's a true moisturizer. Your hair is going to be a lot healthier. Properly moisturized hair is more elastic, it's stronger, its shinier, it grows and it's healthier.


This is a big one. I know some people love to use a lot of different products because one does this and one does that, but I like to use only what's essential. If you put too many products in your hair some of them are going to undo other ones. You don't even know what's really working. Less is sometimes more. That's one thing you can do that's really easy. It's going to save you time and money. So, limit the amount of hair products and use clearly what works and what's essential.


I know I can do my own hair, but my hair looks so much better when someone else does it. It's so much easier for me and gives me a little break as well. I know sometimes money's tight, but you can occasionally let a pro do your hair. They tend to know best, they have experience and they usually will do a much better job than you. So, go to a pro.

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