Have you ever asked yourself “Why does my hair look so bad when I wake up?” “Why does my hair feel so dry in the mornings?” “Why does my bonnet fall off at night?” We did, and we went to work on a solution.



It all started with an idea of developing a scarf that would protect your hair and stay all night


We recruited the best talent to share ideas on our concept



We worked with the most creative designers from New York and LA to bring the LittleBlack Scarf to life (on paper)



We partnered with a USA based factory to make the LittleBlack Scarf a reality.



Many nights were spent testing to insure that the LittleBlack Scarf would solve our problems. It did!

Protect your hair at night. The LittleBlack Scarf was created after many years of trying to find a simple solution to protect longer hair and hairstyles while sleeping. When sleeping at night, longer hair tends to bend and rub against the pillow, which is very damaging to hair. In the morning hair is often creased and tangled, something even sleeping on a satin pillowcase can’t prevent. This causes many to resort to using the curling iron or flat iron on a daily basis, to remove those dents and creases. This is very damaging to hair. There are some who find wearing traditional scarves or bonnets at night to be the solution. However, those tend to fall off throughout the night and still lead to dents and creases. Anyone with shoulder length or longer hair should be very familiar with the difficulty and tediousness of attempting to secure hair, crease free with a traditional scarf, especially by wrapping hair.

The LittleBlack Scarf is a tubular scarf that is open on both ends allowing easy, complete coverage of hair, with out the need of wrapping, pinning or tying your hair or the scarf. The LittleBlack Scarf has special design features that keep the scarf, on your head, all night. Medium length or longer hair that is styled straight will stay straight and hair that is styled curly will stay curly. The LittleBlack Scarf is also made of luxurious satin material that provides hair with a smooth and protective surface, preventing damage, promoting healthier and longer hair.

The LittleBlack Scarf is not just for sleeping. The LittleBlack Scarf was designed using a variety stylish colors and prints that were hand picked so it can be worn a variety of ways to accessorize and add style to any outfit. The LittleBlack Scarf can be worn as a neck scarf, headband, ponytail holder and many more ways. Thus it is called the LittleBlack Scarf.

Benefits of wearing the LittleBlack Scarf


Promotes longer hair and overall hair health


Protects hair from damaging elements


Prevents hair frizz, hair breakage, and split ends


Preserves hair shine and maintains hair moisture balance

Comfortable, Stylish, and Easy to use!


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